Flexibility: With lowest possible administration expenditure, distinctive cost consciousness and short information ways, we are daily trying hard again for flexible customer service, reliability and job management on schedule.
Problem Solutions: OTEK is offering for both customers and suppliers the common working on problem solutions by utilizing all technical possibilities. Of course, such teamwork is done under the aspect of confidentiality and the respect of the mutual interests only, with the aim of fulfilling the corresponding economic frame conditions.
Quality Insurance: Quality and quality insurance that are reached with qualified personnel by continuous process control and documentation with most modern test instruments and monitoring systems both have highest priority at OTEK in orde to guarantee high reliability and reproducibility of deposits.
Test and Mill Certificates: Test certificates are always supplied with material, mill certificates are prepared and supplied upon request only.
Thickness Measurement: Thickness measurement is done on modern X-Ray Coating thickness measurement instruments, test certificates are included in every shipment.
Environmental Protection: Environmental protection is a matter of fact at OTEK factories and realized in using modern waste water treatment plants with closed medium circuits (Eco Audit).
Certification: per DIN ISO 9001 (PDF), DIN ISO 14001 (PDF),
Template SpaEfV. Have a look at certipedia.com: Certificate 9105032532
Delivery Conditions: ex works, packing, tax, duty, bank fee not included and raw material delivered free plating shop
Delivery Time: within short / upon agreement
Payment Conditions: within 14 days net or
immediatly upon receipt of invoice in case of including noble metal because of job plating work.